Richard Bernal


Richard Bernal, known fondly as Rich, has taken his final bow on the grand stage of life. Born on January 25, 1941, in the bustling city of Chicago, IL, he returned to the embrace of his beloved city on July 4, 2024, after a valiant struggle with kidney disease. Rich's life was a tapestry of love, learning, and service, woven through the golden threads of his myriad accomplishments and relationships.
Rich was the cherished patriarch of a family that adored him. His devoted wife, Suzette Gacek, remained by his side, a testament to their enduring love. His legacy lives on through his children: Mark, wed to the gracious Araceli; Michael and his wife, Janet; and Melissa, united in life with Craig Peters. His granddaughters, Lindsay and Ashley Peters, sparkled in the light of his wisdom. Rich also found joy in his stepsons, Jon Gacek, with his wife, Marlo, and Andy, joined in matrimony with Tiffany. His step-grandchildren-Gabe, Claire, Gwen, Matt, and Allison-were the recipients of his bou